Friday, 9 November 2012

Has ignoring parents in their old age become the latest fashion??? (A live case study of old age women rescued on 04-11-2012)

Panavally is a small village in Cherthala. Natives of this village (men & women) depends their lively hood

 on sea food processing.Whole families belongs to middle class. But it is evident that all of them had their own house property.

The rescued lady named (Thatha ) 80 years lady owned 10 cent plot and property.She brought up 4 children and they arel settled in a well condition including a son who is a retired police officer too.But Thatha staying with her daughter (Kunju Pennu ) who run a farm in their plot. All kind of domestic animals are available in the farm (cows, goat,dogs and cats too). Income from the farm is enough to run the small family.

But when i reached their house to rescue the old mom, the situation was horrible. The daughter treating her old aged mother like an animal. The daughter used to beat the old mom with big wood pieces and gave the same food for animals!!!! Said the condition of the old lady by a neighbour.

A mom has given her blood and breast milk to feed the four children in the begging of their life . But at the end of life she is treating badly. Neighbours are ready to provide her food and necessary arrangement, but the elder daughter never allowed them to receive any kind of help from the neighbours. Many days thatha in a war against starvation to maintain the life even the family had no financial problems! The painful situation of the mother made cry the neighbours and the youngest daughter who wished to take her mother. But whenever she tried to take her mother the elder daughter not allowed and run away her by unkind words.The Younger daughter is not so rich but she had a will to protect her mom called me with the help of neighbours at last.

When we reached the the home the situation was pathetic. The old mom laid on a corner of a room where all animals ( cat, dog, Goat,Cows) simply run around her........!!!!! No one can imagine the foul smell of cow dung spread on the floor includes the other animals too.............!!!!

With the help of many good natives like Mrs Sara,Mrs Pouli, Baio Mithra employee Mr Geego and Theruvoram volunteer Venkitesh i rescued the old lady from her pathetic farm villa . Now we are trying to provide medical treatment to Thathi. And the final decision on protecting the mom in future is not planned because of their various family matters. Now she is happy with us.

Few hours before, we were in trouble due to the inconvenience and time lag from the police station in Poochakal to provide the letter of approval. After three hours of long wait in my auto rickshaw the old mom is too tired now. But i kept the promise i made to her youngest daughter Mrs Lalitha to provide medical treatment for her mom in isolation ward at Ernakulam Government Hospital by admitting at 9.06 pm.

This case revealing the current trend in old age parents life in the culturally and socially developed Kerala. This is not a single case, this case is one among the many unreported cases in our state.. No wonder,, YES THE SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT INDICATORS OF KERALA NOW REACHED THE POINT OF DEVELOPED COUNTRIES IS TRUE ONLY!!!!!!!

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