Saturday, 16 February 2013


Mayilamma who lived under the south over bridge more than 10 years rescued by Theruvoram last few months back sent to Tamil Nadu with her relatives back to street again!!!
Mayilamma is a great personality gave me an insight to devote the life for the destitute in street through her life.
Still I remember how I met her first time. It was a busy day while waiting for green signal in south over bridge, I saw an old lady who rashly running with her waste baggage in the middle of the traffic block. She looked so tired and her body was too weak, even though she tried to move faster than the vehicles when the green signal on. Then I wished to help the old lady. But when the signal changed, she disappeared in the crowd.
Next time also I missed the chance to meet her, fact that I drive for a passenger. Next day morning I searched her near south over bridge area. At last I found her small shelter build with plastic sheets and cupboards under the over bridge with the help of native people. I was really surprised to see the way she kept her small shelter tidy and clean. Mayilamma had a lovely pet dog called Chinnan who take care her collected waste about to sale. He started to bark at me. Mayilamma came out from her shelter. Then I introduced myself and she offered me a cup of tea and shared her life story.
Her family belongs to Tamil Nadu.After marriage , she reached in Kochi with her husband who died few years back. She did not have children too. She spent the entire money earned from the sale of waste bundles for buying food for street children without any savings, so she is favourite of everybody. She worships all Gods irrespective of religion by wearing many Rosary Beds, Rudrakshamala with God lockets too!! She added , she could not go for work every day because of the body pain. But her determination and will power give her the confidence to do work and satisfy the hunger of children living in the street even her body is upset. By hearing the words I hugged the mother with more respect and love…..!!!
Unexpectedly I noticed an injury on her left toe which she covered with a cotton piece. I took medication for her injuries and other illness. She pleased to get medical treatments and improved her health. I convinced her about the security and care needed in the old age period and made all arrangements to stay in an old age home. She too understood the realities and agreed. But I too worried by seeing her dilemma about her pet dog and the street children love her very much. Her few relatives in Tamil Nadu showed the interest to take care her. Mayilamma was so thrilled to hear the happy news from me. So she went to Tamil Nadu happily with her relatives few months back!!!!
Mayilamma is a special one I rescued from the street who taught me valuable lesson to love and live for the street by earning income even in the old age time with strong determination and hard work.
Actually I did not have the complete will to send her with her relatives. If I had my own shelter home I will take care without any issue.
Last Friday, I had a call from Mrs Susy Madam working as ticketing officer in railways. She informed me that an old lady was sitting in front of her gate near Kumaranasan Nagar. Jana Maythri police arrived the spot when I reached there.
I was shocked to see Mayilamma and called” Amma”
Mayilamma gave no response at all. After a while she said I could not see anything in the dark and my eye sight is so poor. I told her “Have you ever been heard my voice?”
She recollected my name ended in a big cry. I asked her to know how she back in street.
Her relatives in Tamilnadu took her all gold ornaments and started to torture her. But she is ready to suffer all pains that she loved to stay with family than staying in an old age home. Last day her relatives throw her out from the train when Kochi station arrived. The very next day morning onwards she collected waste to find the livelihood. Evening she could not see anything because of poor vision and her body is too weak to walk.
I was really confused for a while that Mayilamma won’t like to stay in old age home. Her relatives need her wealth only. We together travelled in my Auto rickshaw….
While sitting inside rickshaw she asked me: Can I come with you dear son? Will you accommodate me in your house?
Really I wished to take her to my home. Unfortunately I don’t have own house and staying in a rented house with my big family it is not possible. If I had a shelter home I will take care. It is a hard truth that no one in the world wanted to live in old age home and lonely environment even they provided timely food and medical care. At last her relatives in Kochi promised me to take care her .
While back to home I cried by thinking about Mayilamma. She loved every one and gave her all wealth to other without any expectation. I too helpless to give her a shelter . Dear friends please do take care your aged parents with more love and peaceful family atmosphere. Because they wish to stay with family not the loneliness in shelter homes. They ready to sacrifice all pains to get the joy of family atmosphere always. Wish you all pray for the loving mother better health in the coming days!!!

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