Friday, 1 December 2017

Hope Rewards Happiness

‘Hope is the only thing stronger than FEAR.’ This is what Lakshmi’s story has to say to the world.

Eyes sunken down deep, skin sticking to bones; featuring a body that starved for days, this was Lakshmi. No response to anything when asked. Her history was a mystery to the people there. A few years back when she was found, she communicated in a language that sounded as a combination of Malayalam and Tamil. During those days she lived near Thuravoor Junction’s nearby small forest like space in a plastic tent which she made all by herself.

Even when her body looked weak, she was a woman of strong mind that helped her survive. Every day she would go door to door of each house cleaning and plucking out the weeds nearby that house. Sometimes she would get something from the house for the work she did, sometimes she doesn’t; If not she moves to the next door doing the same. Some days she starves for she doesn’t get anything for her work. This was nothing compared to the things that night had given her. Night time was the difficult time of the day to Lakshmi. There were people who used to approach her tent at night, trying to attack or abuse her. Still she wasn’t noticed by any of the Charity and street trustees. Thus she continued living in that plastic tent in fear of these men. She wasn’t alone there; snakes, rats and other rodents accompanied her in that tent.

Even at those difficult times, she had a hope that someday; someone will come to rescue her from that living hell. Even if she couldn’t sleep or eat, she wished to be safe from the night attackers who tried to abuse her without considering her as a human being.

All her wishes came true when Murugan found her and bought her to ‘Theruvoram’ on 7 July 2013. Now, she is not alone anymore, she doesn’t have to be scared anymore. She was in a safe shelter; Theruvoram. 

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