Thursday, 21 June 2012

Three year's back Theruvoram  rescued two children near Thripoonithura.It was a different story which i have ever experienced in my life that make me cry today like a flash back.
                A mother left away  her two children  because of family problems and kids were take care by their father alone. One day the father killed the neighbour due to plot border dispute. Because of the fear to lock up by police the criminal father went away and he is still missing. Me and few social activists in kochi reached and rescued children and produce them in front of child welfare committee(No relatives ready to take care the kids). Many people wanted to publish the news about "the criminal father and orphan kids" for sensationalise the sad picture. But i protest against the news makers because of the fact that if the news spread, there is a chance to harass the children by saying that their dad is a criminal  and possibility to lose their education. Otherwise media sensationalise the issue. So during the period this case is not get popularity by less media coverage. For the welfare of the children court ordered to rehabilitate them in a childcare centre and give permission for adopt the children by the interested parties if the parents were not respond within a reasonable time period. After three years the two children has adopted by two couples and now they happily living in the new home peacefully. When i knew about this incident i was so happy that the kids would get a better life.

After three years today morning i had a call from a lady by saying that "i'.m the mother of so & so kids,, i want my kids back". After 5 minute talk i asked her to meet me directly. So she came to meet me with her cousins. She showed me her children's photos. I  told her that kids were adopted by two couples. For her it was a shocking news and burst out ! I just asked  her a question that if you really loving your children then why you left away them  three years back?????
She said that her husband physically harass & mentally torture her a lot,, So to get a job  and take care her children she have to leave the kids alone.....! Now she is working in a banyan stitching company in Coiambatoor. Now she want her children back. I'm helpless that kids were adopted by under the guidance of the court order. I can understand the mother's feeling and kids happy life now they enjoying too.... But i'm helpless! It is true that the woman came today is their maternal mother. She had the evidence....
I told her you come too late! I don't have an answer to console the mother's tears. But who's mistake is the entire story? What i can say to her?
Please help me friends " what i will do?

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