Friday, 13 July 2012


                The case is reported from Varappuzha Farmers Association building in Kochi few days back. Sarojini (55 years) who has been livening there for the past 20 years by selling hand made brooms in the street. I had a call from Women's Association Activist of the native regarding the issue.
When i saw the lady at first time she laid on the corridor of Farmer's Association Building in a heavy monsoon.She is not at all bothered about surrounding, people even the heavy rain drops on her body......!

               A play school teacher Mrs Bindhu often give her lunch, but just like a kid she pull out and not show any interest. When she crossed the road last month, a vehicle hit her and she felled into mud.Her left leg has got injured seriously and now she is in a condition to not move a step....

              While the rescue operation Police assisted with THERUVORAM.Because she fell in the mud, her dresses were dip in mud. But Women Association Member's helped me to clean her wearing.Sometime she got irritate and angry at me.When i seated her in the car she bite on my hands and injured deeply by pick the flesh out .

              Now she is admitted in Ernakulam Govt Hospital for the treatment and me too took medical treatment for the injury.Even in the pain i'm too happy that in the 29th birth day God give me a chance to save one more life!
Please pray for her recovery and i wish all my friends continue the prayer and love in the ongoing journey of my THERUVORAM!!

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