Sunday, 10 December 2017

A Heartfelt Regret

Story of a mother, house prison by her own son (10/09/2009)

‘Family; Forever For Always and No Matter what!’

That day had to disclose very  detrimental information to Murukan, ‘a mother and her sister staying as prisoners in their house by her own son.’

Murukan found them alone in their house completely helpless; not even able to go to bathroom by their own. When enquired, the neighbors said that it was her son who kept them prison. Complaint registered by the people in that community to the police caused her son to live hidden from the rest of the society.

Ponnamma was the wife of late Pathmanabhan, who used to work at Port Trust. Her late husband’s pension was her only reliable reason for survival. Some nights were difficult for these mothers as he would come drunk and harm them physically, which is an inhuman act which a son can do to his mother.

It’s been years that, Rajamma, Ponnamma’s sister, after being separated from her husband started to live with her. It was police and the people who helped these mothers to taste freedom by bringing them out of house prison. Later for getting further help, they were admitted to Government Hospital, Ernakulam. Later it was informed by the community members that these mothers owned land worth lakhs, but they were leading the life of someone worth nothing. Later being penitent about his act towards his mother, her son came to hospital to take them back.

Ponnamma said that, his uncontrolled drinking problem caused him to harm his wife physically, which ended when she left his home. Once his wife left him, he began to harm his mother and her sister and kept them in house prison.

Murukan’s continuous persuasion to avoid drinking liquor did succeed at last. This also motivated him to bring back his wife and mother to a new life.

‘The happiness that the family gained back never failed to increase my happiness because family stays forever’, Murukan said smiling. 

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