Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Infant on Rent for Begging

Story of a family that survived on the money they got by giving their daughter on rent to the beggar alms Mafia (30 March 2001)

Once Achu Oommen, daughter of former Chief Minister of Kerala was driving through the busy lane of MG road, Kochi.  Suddenly she noticed a mother and an infant; she was carrying the infant and moving to window to window of each car, begging for money. She suddenly stopped her car and watched them closely. After observing them for long, she noticed that the mother after receiving coins converted them into money from a shop nearby. The infant was sleeping on the shoulder of the mother at that peak noon time, under the sun. Without wasting time, she contacted Murukan and conveyed the situation to him. In that busy traffic, Murukan was unable to reach at the place quickly.
Before he could reach there, the mother and child moved on from the place, Achu struggled a lot to stop them from moving away from that consign. Since the information was passed on to the police, they arrived with their vehicle but the mother hesitated to join them. Achu noticed certain injuries in the infant’s body, when asked about this the mother explained something in a language they couldn’t understand. Her response wasn’t clear to anybody there.

The mother continued to say something in Telgu. Murukan and others felt it very difficult to comprehend her words. Since the complaint was registered to the police commissioner, police investigated directly at the place where the mother and infant stayed. Police took them back to their rented house at the slum near to Gandhi Nagar.

The next day Achu came to visit the mother and infant and brought them with her to her house. On the way to her home, she bought clothes for the baby. When they reached home, she cleaned the infant by giving her a bathe and her wear the new clothes bought for her. Later, spending time with them, she let them go happily to their home. Soon after this Achu’s mother, Mariyamma also went to visit the baby with lots of toys for her. They inspired the mother and child to have a new life.

The baby was given for rent for begging, and the family survived with the money that they got on giving their baby on rent. Her husband, being a drunk gave their daughter to beggar alms mafia on rent and gained income through this. Later with the involvement Of Achu, the mother felt guilty of her act and she was taken back to her own place by her relatives. Murukan felt very proud being a helping hand with Achu Oommen for eradicating begging alms mafia that steals children for begging.

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