Monday, 18 December 2017

Where is this World going to?

Story of a mother who forgets her daughter due to consumption of drug (18/10/2008)

It was a night when Murugan received that call. During those days he used to rescue people in day time and drove auto rickshaw for living at night. The information was established from a woman. She informed about a mother who seemed to look like harming her own infant near Kalloor, at that very night under the possession of liquor she drank. He went to that place without wasting time. The place was crowded; there were a lot of people, staring and enjoying this inhuman act but none tried to stop her from hurting the child. Then two women approached him, one of them was a journalist named Manju, they were the ones who called Murugan.

She also accompanied with Murugan for saving the child. When they tried to approach the mother, she threw soil and stones at them and called them swear words. When he enquired about the mother, he understood that the mother’s name was Sharadha and she was mentally instable. As they failed to save the child, he contacted police for their help. When they came, the rescue mission was on. He grabbed the child from Sharadha, but she was still throwing stones at them. Finally he got hold of the infant in one hand and Sharadha on the other. Sharadha, who was not mentally stable due to her liquor consumption, was admitted to Ernakulam General Hospital and the infant was taken to Balabhavan that night.

The next day when Murugan went to visit Sharadha with food for her, he found out that she was missing. After a few days some people who claimed to be the parents of the infant and took that child from Balabhavan. Murugan was shocked by the implication that our Legal system is very weak to safeguard the basic safety of a citizen.

Even if there are lots of rules to safeguard the children of India, their weakness to guarantee the safety to these children like Sharadha’s child is a huge loophole to take advantage by the Beggar Mafia of today.